Tips For Your Medical Checkup

How many medical examinations have you done at work? Everyone, at some point in our working life, undergoes a medical examination. The prevention service that has your company (own or contracted) will be in charge of performing such recognition.

Medical examination is a right of the worker and is aimed at preventing and detecting possible problems in your health arising from the work you do.

It usually works through an appointment, which can be arranged directly with the staff of the center or even, due to the advancement of technologies, is more and more frequent to find prevention services that make available to the company or the worker a platform for That you can set the appointment directly.

Medical examinations are carried out by personnel specialized in this type of tests. The doctor and the nursing staff must have specific training in occupational health.

In order to undergo quality recognition, you, as a worker, must follow protocols that will make the results of your health examination, reliable and conclusive.

Before going to a medical examination, consider the following tips:

  1. You must go fasting.

One of the usual tests is the collection of blood and the collection of a sample of the first morning urine. To undergo the extraction, you must go to the center on an empty stomach. The last meal that you have done must have been as light as possible and without abusing the consumption of fats.

  1. You must wear your visual correction. 

In case you wear glasses or contact lenses, you must go to medical examination with them. The test of vision control will always be performed with correction placed, even if we refer to glasses for presbyopia or tired sight.

  1. Do not smoke in the previous few minutes. 

One of the tests that can be performed in a medical examination is spectrometer. To make the value as real as possible, you should not smoke in the hour before the test.

  1. Bring recent medical reports.

If you have had a condition, income or pathology, it is convenient that you go to the medical examination with all the reports you have.

  1. Be sincere. 

When answering the questions that the professionals ask you, you must do it in the most sincere way possible, providing all the data that you ask or that you can understand that are relevant.

  1. Informs if you are in treatment. 

If you take any medication, it informs in the medical examination of the names of the medicines, as well as the doses you take of each one.If you usually take any blood pressure treatment, you should take it with a little water before going to the examination. If you are diabetic and take medication for it, consult your doctor what you should do.

  1. If you have a disability, bring your certificate.

If you have recognized a percentage of handicap, the first time you go to the medical examination you must provide the certificate that specifies it.

  1. If you are out of work, you can not perform the medical examination.

With the completion of this health examination, it is a question, among other things, of validating your ability to perform the job, and if you are in a situation of temporary disability, professionals can not approve your ability to perform that work. Ideally in these cases would be delaying recognition and pick up again when you recover from medical discharge.