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travel creates such anxiety for me. If I’m traveling with my children or not gives me anxiety. I always think of the worst case scenarios. TS changes only add to the stress of travel. For this reason I always checked my bags and carry a minimum. Things changed when anxiety of losing my bags luggage weighed on me. I decided to do a carry for the first time would be the best option. He knew how to make luggage for an international trip would be a challenge too. I am a planner and I knew that if I planned accordingly and efficiently packed, would be less anxious. I even learned some new suggestions for packing my luggage.

When I think of hand luggage, I think in a bag and maybe a bag with some things. I knew that some things were not enough for this international travel. I set out to write all the things needed for my trip and came to planning. I asked all my friends who love hand luggage for advice. I was on my way to becoming a pro carrion! This is what I have learned with 12 efficient follow packing tips!

1 – set of hand luggage suitcase – Make a suitcase – sized hand luggage. Most come in a set of 3 including hand luggage suitcase, small bag and toiletry bag. I was able to layer the bags larger for easy handling at the airport bag. Eventually all fit perfectly into the past suitcase TS. The smaller bag doubled as a bag to carry easily during my trip. The vanity was in hand checkpoint TS for easy access to all my liquids. There was no need to dig into my suitcase.

2 – make a list – know what you are packing and divided into lists (ie, costumes, makeup, liquids, shoes, etc.) this helped me everything was going to take but also eliminate what does not need to consider. It is also a great reminder of things you can forget. Start your list by early and refer to it as your package.

3 – Do not bend , fold clothes bulky things. Instead I rolled my clothes. He left much more space for the package for longer or take home some small gifts for family trips.

4 – organize costumes -women laminated stack together on each item individually, but also placed full look in the same area. This facilitates packing when I went on my checklist of equipment. It was also easy to pack and unpack on my trip.

5 – put it in a bag – Ziploc are your best friend because they help keep small things organized. Place not only liquids in a bag, but I had one for makeup and other items of personal hygiene liquid (IE, razor, deodorant and hair pins)

6 – TS is always correct -check what TS requirements for liquid are packaging as well as the size of bag is allowed to take them on.

7 – consider their shoes – shoes Pack small or save some space at the bottom of your luggage bag. Please note that less than 3 pairs packaging is ideal (this includes those who wear). Wrap individually shoes in grocery bags. This not only helps keep the great work

8 – be heavy -Bring his heavier clothing items. Sweaters, jeans and sneakers can be some of the heaviest elements of our transport. Consider them or packaging them if they are not a necessity.

9 – A hand for victory – have a large enough to place your tote bag, small bag shoe and any other should have easy access. My schedule and my laptop fit perfectly into my big bag with my bag and shoe bag. This helps create space in your suitcase.

10 – use your space – Get creative. From my small bag to store my shoes was not completely put my toiletries on it for easy access. On my return flight I had to be creative and spend some of the smaller items in my suitcase to my carry on bag so I could bring home more great memories.