20 Tips for packing boxes and get an economic move

When we decided to move to a new home, there are factors that is important to note that everything goes well and others get one economic change in which we save everything. It is therefore essential to know how to pack all our belongings well and choose the right material to avoid stress out when transporting everything. And although you can hire these services to a specialized company, it is clear that if you do it yourself can reduce costs considerably. That is why today we bring you some tips so you can pack your belongings and can be quiet during the transfer that everything will arrive in perfect condition.


Empty cardboard box in domestic kitchen

Empty cardboard box in domestic kitchen

1. Limit the weight of the boxes less than 20 kg for easy handling . Otherwise you can not lift and place. it is more likely that you end up taunting back problems.

2. It also is important to wrap the items carefully to prevent damage to the blows of the way. For it uses materials that can cushion the impact and safes their closed.

3. Whenever possible, try not to mix objects from different rooms in the same box. The ideal is to pack boxes with objects pampers room and label them according to the room where will located as this will greatly facilitate the task when arrives when unpacking.

4. We recommend that when you go to start packing boxes  start for items that are not being used in that season and things infrequent use. For example if it is summer, begins winter clothes. Lets end things you’ll need during the move or immediately after transport. It may take a few days to put everything and is located convenient to have things that you need or you ‘ll go crazy looking for.

5. Reduce packaging material costs by taking advantage of your furniture drawers. It is clear that some fragile items may not be included in them, but you can use them to get blankets, clothing, towels or anything that is not at risk during and ride.

6. Small parts or can be easily lost as nails, screws, cables and other, put them in plastic bags or cloth and close them safely, labeling them with the article to which they belong. That way if dismount furniture, you will not have problems for reassembly.

7. To prevent damage, wrap delicate items like glass or porcelain individually in newspaper ink, handkerchiefs or towels. To get a better cushioning, place a layer of paper or bubble wrap about two centimeters in the bottom of the box. In the case of crockery and crystal glasses, it is best to use special boxes for this type of objects.

8. Place the heaviest items at the bottom of the box, middleweight in the middle part and the lightest at the top. Divide each section with layers of cushioning and fills the empty spaces to avoid hitting during transport. Be sure also that are not exposed sharp points, edges , or edges that could damage the boxes and make them open.

9. Sell a boxes sealed with packing tape. Avoid overloading. It is important they are not forced to close.

10. Figures decoration and other delicate objects is advisable to wrap them in tissue paper or any type of soft tissue. Small mirrors, plate and photographs should be wrapped individually. A bath towel or small blanket can be perfect. If it is fragile objects that are too sensitive, it may be better to use special materials for maximum protection.

11. To pack artificial flowers , you should use a single box. Carefully wrapped flowers and if possible set the bottom of the pot to the carton. Then put a label fragile to be handled carefully and avoid sudden movements.
12. The lamps also waste removals must be disassembled and packed separately. Use damping materials for the base and the bulb. We recommend not wrap the lampshade in newspaper and you do better with a pillowcase or towel lightweight. You can include several lamps in one box whenever you be careful and know that part corresponds to each.

13. When it comes to large mirrors, glass panels, paintings, vases, statues and marble slabs that can break easily, it is best to House movers with storage facility. Check with the moving company about options that can be chosen and what boxes are best for pack these items.

14. When packing books , never opaqueness with the back up and try all of them are about the same size.Those who are particularly expensive or have some sentimental value, should be wrapped individually. In any case, make sure you use small cardboard boxes that are not too heavy.

15. For pack clothes we recommend that put in special cardboard boxes with hanger itself. In this way they will bequeath to the place of destination wrinkle free. If you can not find this kind of boxes, remove each piece from its perch, fold it and put it in a bag, cardboard box or in the dresser drawers.

16. The shoes can be easily transported in their original boxes or wrapped individually and then in pairs in a large box. To prevent damage to the heels and ornaments, footwear must be damped and avoid placing heavy objects on the top.

17. For an economic move, you can also store clothing that tends to wrinkle less, towels, sheets and others in large plastic bags instead of boxes.

18. For appliances prior preparation to moving, especially for those larger is required. We recommend that to avoid any damage, requesting a visit by the technician to prepare these items or you hire this service to the moving company.

19. DIY and gardening tools can be transported in its own case without problems or packaged according to the advice we have been giving long article. Best moving company in London.

20. The food products perishable or frozen were not eligible to be transported over long distances. In the case of pantry items it is always advisable to seal with tape if they have been open and place them in a large cardboard box. In the case of canned goods that are heavier watch the load you put in the box.

Now that you know how to pack boxes with all kinds of objects, you just have to get down to work. The best way to achieve economic change.  However, if you do not have enough to do everything on your own time and need a little help, you should know that in Removal tree. we have the best experts in moving. you only have to order your task through our website and tell us what your budget is . We will adapt to it and on the day and time you choose to send home the best professionals in your city for packing boxes and make the carrying of all your belongings. This way you get your economic move.